2021 International Conference on Environment Art and Industrial Design
Welcome Zhuo Jin from Luoyang Institute of Technology to be the Keynote Speaker of EAID 2021!

Welcome Zhuo Jin from Luoyang Institute of Technology to be the Keynote Speaker of EAID 2021!

Research: Jin Zhuo (1983.2 -) was born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, Professor of Luoyang Institute of technology, doctor of design, visiting scholar of China Academy of Arts, doctoral supervisor of design science & Art Science of Thailand National mahasharakan University of Kaye University, chief expert of she culture of Lishui SHE Autonomous Region government, member of China Democracy Promotion Association, Professor of design science, Professor of design science of Luoyang Institute of technology, doctoral supervisor of art science of Thailand National mahasharakan University He is a member of the Undergraduate Teaching Steering Committee of design major of Provincial Department of education, a member of provincial senior professional title evaluation expert, an expert of golden reed Industrial Design Award, a member of China Artists Association, a member of the National Design Committee of China Packaging Federation, a member of the academic committee of China Advertising Association, and a judge of the National University Digital Art Competition (MIIT national competition) Editorial board member of China Creative Design Yearbook, member of Korea basic modeling society, member of Korea multimedia society, member of Korea Science and art fusion society.


More than 30 core journals in SCI, EI, CSSCI, KCI and undergraduate journals at home and abroad, more than 10 scientific research projects, more than 20 awards, more than 20 utility model patents, 3 invention patents, and more than 10 academic monographs and textbooks.

1. The third participant [Main participants in Manchu costume research]Humanities and Social Sciences project of Liaoning Provincial Department of Education in Mar.2012.

2. Host [The research on the integration of art design project teaching and studio group practice]Liaoning Provincial Department of education undergraduate education reform research project in Jun.2012.

3. The third participant [Research on the connection between Liaoning higher vocational colleges and industrial clusters]The 12th Five Year Plan of Education Science in Liaoning Province in Jun.2014.

4. The fourth participant [Research on school based curriculum development based on working process in Higher Vocational Colleges]Liaoning Vocational Education Association in May.2014.

5. Host [Advertisement design]Excellent courses at college level in Nov.2012.

6. The first participant[Application of Wuyi ecological tea packaging]General items of Humanities and social sciences of Fujian Education Department in Jun.2014.

7. Host [Research on the construction of private Applied Technology University]Liaoning Provincial Education Department Liaoning Province private education research project in Dec.2015.

8. The first participant [Research on the connection between the transformation of art major training mode and basic art education in Colleges and Universities]Educational Science Planning in Anhui Province in 2015.

Abstract: Driving on highways, highway signs are of particular importance to convey traffic information to drivers and remind them to observe traffic regulations. However, since the visual effects are affected by human engineering and natural conditions, problems in text design of highway sigs affecting driving are expected to be analyzed and solved based on ergonomics, including illuminance, sight distance and size of the visual objects, brightness contrast of the object and the background as well as color contrast, clarity and identifiability of the visual object, and recognition speed of the visual object.